We have received testimonials from our students.  You will see some of their stories in relation to learning British Sign Language.

I could not recommended BSL College enough. I believe they have massively supported me on my journey to becoming an Interpreter. The tutors have guided my practical capability but also developed how I self -reflect and develop my skills. I have learnt in an environment of people who want you to achieve which has both built upon my confidence and inspired me. The team are friendly yet firm in their approach to teaching. Ultimately you know they are not wasting your time or money and whatever level you move to; you’re taking with you a high level of sign language taught to you by BSL College.

Level 6 student, full time communication support worker


BSL College has provided me with the perfect environment in which to learn British Sign Language.  The classes are small, friendly and, therefore, nurturing. The atmosphere is very relaxed and encouraging, which means that I am never afraid to ask a question if I don’t understand something or if I am confused by a sign and it’s meaning.

I have a very personal reason for learning BSL as I am the mother of a profoundly deaf child and it is vital that I am able to communicate competently with him.  The staff at the college are aware of my situation and have provided me with help, support and most importantly understanding.  I have gained confidence in my expressive sign and have found that I am now able to have a short conversation with my child, which is within his ability to understand.  This has been a real source of joy to us as a family.  I am looking forward to continuing my positive learning experience with the college.

It is also worth mentioning that it is really good fun, we always have a laugh and I have made some great contacts.

Level 2 student, a full time Mum


I enrolled with BSL College, as my intention was to learn BSL on a rudimentary level, so that I could communicate with a member of my team who was profoundly deaf, during my previous employment. Within a short space of time I had learnt enough sign to be able to communicate effectively with him, and from that moment on, I knew what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

After several chats with my tutor, who always had the time to help with any queries or issues during my time at the college, I set about gaining the necessary qualifications, to be able to work professionally using BSL. The college also helped me enrol with the Gloucestershire Deaf Association, where I became a volunteer, and felt privileged to be able to work within the heart of such a wonderful community.
The volunteering, in line with my college work, helped me to fast track level 2 at the first attempt. At that point I was offered permanent employment by DeafBlind UK, as a communicator guide, a position I hold today, and honestly think myself lucky to have a job that I love going to.

I would have no hesitation in recommending BSL College, as the lessons were clear and well structured, and made learning not only stimulating but great fun at the same time. They were always there for advice and answering the many questions I had, and the tutoring was first class.  I have chosen to continue my studies year after year with BSL College, because I’m confident that if I put the work in, and study hard, I will pass my assessments with their guidance.

Level 3 student, and a DeafBlind Communicator and Chef


Yvonne is a great teacher. She is encouraging, easy to communicate with and above all very professional.

Level 3 student, and Lawyer


My teacher immediately made me feel at ease, which is a feeling that continued with all my contact with her whether it was via email, or face-to-face, she was helpful, kind and understanding. Her feedback was detailed and positive and was hugely encouraging. I always felt she was trying to get the best out of me in terms of my signing, my clips and my knowledge. I would highly recommend her to anyone and I could not have hoped for a better teacher!

Level 3 student and a Project Developer


BSL College gave me my confidence back! Not only are the teachers very professional in what they do, they are very friendly people who make learning fun. I would recommend BSL College to anyone who wishes to learn and achieve recognised qualifications in British Sign Language.

Level 6 (language) BSL student


As a mature student, going back to college was a big deal to me. I decided on BSL college for a number of reasons the first being the size of the classes which are kept small, you can do up to Level 6 in the same place & they have a history of excellent pass rates. I’m not a confident person at all but BSL has always fascinated me & it was now or never, so I applied & got a place. I was soooo nervous at first but the teacher just had this way about her where she puts you at ease from the word go, it’s amazing! She is friendly, approachable, always able to answer my questions & has endless patience.  The classes are both fun & interesting & you learn so much with the high quality of teaching.  I felt my confidence grow each week. I am on Level 2 now & will take it as far as I can. I would recommend this college to anyone interested in BSL. Try it you’ll be amazed!

Level 2 student, and a full time Mum


My teacher was very supportive and encouraging. She is always warm, positive and approachable. I felt that I was able to ask about anything without feeling stupid or that I was being a nuisance. She advised without being critical which was really helpful and she boosted my confidence by praising the things that I did well.

I feel very lucky to have had Yvonne as a teacher. She creates the right relationship with her students and that allows them to do well.

Level 3 student, and Counsellor


I would really like to be able to use BSL in the future in a working environment. Maybe not as an interpreter as I first wished, as I don’t think I’ll ever be that good. But being a student of yours is very encouraging. You have encouraged me greatly when I think I’m not improving, but you also give honest critique. Like when you said I needed to practice more and brush up on my use of connectives. Both I still need to do!  You are also easy to understand, and you don’t mind repeating something if I haven’t understood what you have just said.  Also the lessons are very relaxed, and this I appreciate.

Level 3 student and a Childminder


The course is very good; the organisation is good and Yvonne is very kind and patient. Everyone is treated as an equal. We are given good feedback and support when needed

Level 2 student


I am currently taking the level 2 BSL course and preparing for my exam. The weekly lesson of an hour and a half is brilliant and thoroughly enjoyable. The lessons are full of clear information, helping us build up an understanding of the language structure and character. The lessons have space for questions, practice, reflection and conversation skills. The homework set and activities in class, through which we are learning, including games, have all been interesting and have also helped me find out about the deaf community around me.

Yvonne Cobb has a wonderful, passionate and natural way of teaching that makes her lessons captivating…This, mixed with the quality of her teaching skills has made studying easy and enjoyable throughout. I am delighted I discovered BSL College and I hope to continue my study with them.

Level 2 student and Musician


I thoroughly enjoyed my time at BSL College – well structured classes and very supportive teachers who strive to meet students’ individual needs.  Varied teaching methods keep classes interesting!

Level 6 student and Key Worker


Having not done a sign language course for a number of years it was quite unnerving to be assigned an assessor to whom you must prove yourself (my last course ended with a single exam and I have never done an NVQ before). Imagine my relief to meet a warm, smiling person who settled my nerves immediately.  Yvonne has guided me and pointed me in the right direction when I was unsure where to go.  She has a solid knowledge of what is expected of candidates and can get the best out of us with gentle encouragement.

Level 3 student, and a Teaching Assistant/Communicator


I achieved Level 3 BSL with BSL College.  I work in a College and having Level 3 has given me increased confidence in my communication skills and a higher quality of support for the students I work with.  BSL College tutors were so encouraging and helpful throughout the course that although it was hard work, it was thoroughly enjoyable too!

Level 3 student, and a Communication Support Worker/Notetaker


Yvonne is a fantastic teacher who inspires her students to be the best they can be.  She is engaging and energetic, and her positive feedback has really improved my confidence and helped me to make the leap from Level 2 to Level 3.  Her different, unique methods of teaching make every class fun!  I am so glad I found BSL College!

Level 3 student, and an Administrator